CSR Projects

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Bark & Bean launched the "PROJECT 10 RINGGIT" initiative where customers can purchase a cup of coffee for RM10, and we will send a cup of coffee to the healthcare frontliners at the vaccination centers in PESTA/SPICE. Alternatively, customers can also choose to donate RM10, and we will send two cups of coffee on their behalf. We keep track of the number of accumulated coffee donations, which will be sent to the frontliners as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. 

As part of our 7th Anniversary celebration in 2022, we organized a half-day "Barista Experience" workshop at Ru Yi Children Home. This workshop provided a unique opportunity for the residents to learn about the art of coffee-making and gain hands-on experience with the help of our skilled barista. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to our community and share our passion for coffee with others. 

Bark & Bean welcomes collaboration with NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations)  to aid shelters in Penang! It's always wonderful to see businesses supporting their local communities and contributing to a good cause. We had collaborated with students from Disted College, Inti International College Penang and Leo Club of Penang (City) to support Penang Animal Welfare Society / Penang Animal Sanctuary Society etc.